About Supply America

The vision for Supply America became a reality in the 1990s when a group of reputable equipment and supply distributors seized upon the opportunity to rethink how chain restaurants, hospitality entities, and healthcare facilities could seamlessly reorder foodservice products and kitchen essentials.
The aim was to create purchasing power to advantage customers and to establish distribution points nationwide to ensure customer orders would be processed and fulfilled with the highest level of efficiency and speed.


This was clearly a progressive concept, and its success is seen in Supply America's massive growth and market reach over the years. Maintaining a commitment to prompt service, dependable support, and quality-assurance, the company has had the pleasure to serve thousands of customers across the country with customized catalogs, competitive pricing, and personalized reports.
There is more to the business than top-grade products from a range of prevailing vendors. Services offered by Supply America are all-inclusive from planning, project management, and consulting services to kitchen consolidation, installation, design, and fabrication.


We are proud of our alliance with industry-leading distributors and long-term relationships with exceptional organizations in the foodservice space. For the experts at Supply America, the work is all about delivering value and confidence with every order.
For Holli Hall, the President of Supply America, the reward comes from the superior service and uncompromising performance that her team demonstrates every day. "We consider it a privilege to serve the unique needs of our customers and provide cost-saving, reliable solutions to ensure business can be done with optimum results. The most important thing that we do is build trust with a level of service and expertise unmatched in the industry."