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10 Valuable Tips for Foodservice Operators

Smaller Portions = Larger Profits

Your customers value food presentation, but they may not always eat that garnish added to their plate. Garnishes may be costing you more than you think! Your dishwasher attendant or servers can give you insights on what’s being left on the plate.

Consider an interestingly shaped dinnerware pattern, decorative china, or even a smaller sized plate to provide the perception that nothing is missing. A tabletop presentation strategy can offer cost-savings, along with creativity that your customers will appreciate. We offer a wide array of high-quality china styles and patterns that are appealing and will fit your budget.

Less is More

An effective practice for some establishments is to serve soda, water, wine, or beer in a slightly smaller glass that appears the same size as a larger glass. For instance, a 14 oz. glass with a heavier base visually appears the same size as a 16 oz. glass. You will have significant savings by utilizing different glass sizes. Our product catalog offers many styles to choose from.

Prevent Accidents

Preventing accidents in your establishment can save your company time and money. Accidental work injuries can be costly in loss of resources, financial expenses, and operational upheaval. Prevent injuries by providing your staff with the right tools and training for the job. As an example, we offer stainless steel mesh gloves that prevent accidental cuts and slices to the hands.

Eliminate Cross Contamination

Food contamination in your establishment can ruin your business. We offer multi-lingual food safety charts, color-coded cutting boards, color-coded knives, and special cleaning products that reduce and/or eliminate the potential for a foodborne illness to affect your customers.

Check Gaskets Often

Are the gaskets on your refrigerated equipment tired and worn? Equipment inefficiencies can be costly, and can cause a strain on the unit, shortening its overall life. Check gaskets regularly to identify cracks or slices. If the gasket is warped, it may not be sealing correctly. Move your hand around the door or drawer of your equipment and check to see if your gaskets are intact. Consider adding gasket review to your maintenance schedule.

Keep Cool

Keep the cold in and keep your food products safe. Strip curtains are an inexpensive way to preserve the cold inside your walk-in. Plastic strip curtains will reduce refrigeration loss by 60-80%. If a strip curtain is too cumbersome, consider an air door. These also work great for the back door of your operation. Strip doors help increase compressor life, decrease energy cost, and reduce frost build-up. Typically, they pay for themselves in as little as 3 months.

Move It Out

Promptly move food from your prep line, cook line, and food prep areas to the walk-in each night. This will allow you the opportunity to shut down your refrigerated equipment to reduce your overall energy expenditures significantly. Further, it lets an operation focus on maintaining equipment and keeping equipment cleaned and detailed.

Consider how you can institute closing procedures that will help save your business money. Certain equipment, such as a Refrigerated Prep Table, allows the operator to shut off power to the refrigerated rail so product can be relocated to the bottom of the unit, which saves on energy costs.

Storage Solutions

Are you running short of storage space and struggling to find more? Optimizing your shelf space is one way to combat the problem. We offer shelves that are easy to adjust, making it easy to update or change a configuration without having to take apart the entire shelf assembly.

Also, consider adding taller shelves to your storage space, or shelving that operates on a track system and allows you to store more products in a limited area. Light, bulky products like cups, lids and straws can be easily stored overhead. Contact us for assistance and a free assessment to see how you may be able to gain more storage space in your kitchen.

Right Size for the Right Job

Are you using the same liner for the Slim Jim trash container as for the 32-gallon container? You’re likely wasting money and failing to maximize usage. Perform a quick audit of your container sizes and dimensions to purchase optimal liners for each unit. Selecting the appropriate trash can liner for the job will create cost-savings over time.

Product Consistency and Labor Savings

Are you slicing and dicing by hand? You may want to consider purchasing a food processor. They make food preparation a far simpler and faster process, which will save on labor dollars. You’ll also benefit from reducing possible injuries in the kitchen.

Another advantage is creating a consistent food product that customers come to know and expect. There are a number of different sizes and options available that make food processing easy. We are happy to help you identify the right food processor for your operation.

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